* Connect and Heal on all Levels *

Quantum Sacred Soul-Light Healing Journeys

Including Healing Frequencies & 7 LIVE Quantum Healing Sessions

With Healer & Abundance Coach Mary A. Hall

From The Desk of Mary A. Hall...

Quantum Healing & Abundance  Accelerator Alignment Coach

Heal and Recalibrate to Your Sacred Soul-Light

One of the most powerful activators that I have witnessed in working with thousands of individuals over the past 14 years, is the re-igniting and awakening of your true divine self.
During our time together, the very beginning leg of your sacred journey, you'll be brought face-to-face with your divine self, the aspect of you that is eternal, omniscient, and imbued with unconditional love. 

As a being of divine love and light, you embody the virtues of grace, wisdom, and boundless love, where you become fully alive and miracles unfold in perfect harmony with Divine Source.

In this powerful connection, you can release the past, along with all that you’ve secretly been holding on to, your limiting core wounds and beliefs that have keep you feeling powerless, unworthy, unlovable and often left feeling insignificant.

In this homecoming you'll experience your true divine connection, a oneness that transcends time and space, as you stand united with your divine essence, your Soul Light, to glean the wisdom and gifts presented to you in each sacred journey.

My calling is to help you by inviting in deep healing around all that has been holding you back, to step forward to receive love’s powerful embrace of transformation that will change your life.

Prepare to be ushered into a powerful new begining with 7 sacred healing journeys that will reset you to emerge as a brand new you through these 21 Days of deep healing and transformation.

Imagine integrating to your infinite power... releasing core limiting beliefs  

Witness the Miraculous Unfolding of Your True Divine Essence

Your journey begins with aligning with your vibrant awakened soul, ready to embrace your divine Soul Light essence.

You’ll be guided into a realm where you're in tune with the harmonic symphonies of existence, that resonates with the eternal heartbeat of the cosmos. 

This is not merely a journey; it is a homecoming, a return to Divine Love, a celebration of the Divine within and all around you.

Prepare to be cradled in the loving arms of Divine Source, where your Soul Light and spirit experiences a love so profound, it heals deep wounds and dissolves fear.  

This is a union that nurtures your soul, guiding you towards the magnificence of your true potential.

During this transcendent voyage you’ll be harmonizing with the pulsating rhythms of the universe, held in the loving embrace of the Divine, where your wounded self-identity begins to dissolve and a new you emerges aligned with your Soul Light capacity of calming peace and love. 

Witness the blossoming, as you embrace the bounty of your soul flourishing in harmony with the universe, being welcomed, served and supported by Divine Source in the matrix of Divine Love.

A life where each moment is a celebration of the beauty and wonder that exists within and around you. 

  Your Sacred Soul Light Holds the Keys...

Your Gateway to Universal Unity and Divine Connectedness Awaits... 

As a beloved light being, you have the capacity to not only experience the portal of Divine oneness, but also decode and translate the universe's hidden language of connectedness.

Each sacred journey you'll embark on, will transcend the cavern and mere illusion of separation, where you’ll witnessed the miraculous unfolding of your divine Soul-Light embodiment.

You are not separate, but a beautiful expression of the Divine.

You'll embrace the harmony that is already here for you, enveloped within Divine Love and oneness, that resonates through the universe, harmonizing all of existence. 

Experience the transformative power of your innate wisdom that lies with you and carries all your answers.

Here your spirit and Soul Light essence is witnessed in its full glory, cherished and loved unconditionally. 

Where healing blossoms with ease, as your old limiting stories are rewritten with the truth of your Soul Light power in Divine Love

It's the power of this dynamic love energy that recalibrates your system and reboots you back to your truth and Soul Light essence and strength.

Be ready to step through this gateway where your truth will set you free. 

Embraced in Quantum Infinity Energy & Power of Divine LOVE with Frequencies & Activation...

Witness the marvels of quantum infinity energy and Divine Love's unity, that resonates throughout the multidimensional connectedness to you and all of life.

Prepare yourself for the grand cosmic embrace, where you meld seamlessly with the rhythmic pulse of Divine Love, held within the living matrix of Divine Source.

In this sacred confluence, experience the profound unity of being one with the pulsating heart of the Divine, harmoniously synchronizing your heartbeat with the divine cosmic rhythm.

You see, Divine LOVE is the central, most powerful, positive, energy in the universe.

You'll bask in the realization that you are a vital thread in the tapestry of existence and an integral part of the universe, intrinsically connected to the unfolding narrative of the universe.

 As you're held in an energy of LOVE, this powerful infinity frequency leaves a lasting effect, opening you to a field to multiple potentialities and possibilities.

This exquisite journey will uncover your deepest truths, accessing your inner strength and connectedness to your Soul Light essence, Divine Source and universal onessnes of Divine Love. 

It's like a new super power gets turned on within you, as it activates prosperity and abundance, and ignites wholeness, health, wellness and vitality.

Unleash Your Hidden Superpowers...

Your Innate Power to Connect & Co-create with Divine Intelligence

In a world stirring and pulsating with unseen energies...

You'll embark on an extraordinary expedition where your Divine Soul Light, in conjunction with the Divine, where you'll be integrated and united as one.

In this life-altering journey, you’ll familiarize yourself with your true identity, revealing your inner truth, connecting to your unlimited powers that were previously lying dormant within you.

Each Soul-stirring journey takes you closer to reveal the majestic universe already residing within you. 

And as you step into a REALM where your true essence blossoms, unshackling you from the burdens of the past, you'll be liberated to align to your unlimited potential. 

Here you will discover your unique core access to your true self, that will turn-on your healing powers and inner wisdom.

Witness the transformation as you shed your hidden, limiting beliefs and that opens you up to embrace your true innate power and your connection to Divine Love and abundance.

A place where all the celestial harmonies resonate with the pulsating energies of oneness, guiding you to a life enriched with abundant blessings and divine connections.

It's like a new super power gets turned on as it activates deeper love, prosperity and abundance, and ignites wholeness, health and wellness.

Recalibrating you to joy, as you emerge in rebirth of a new and powerful YOU, ready to stand in your divine power and strength.

Here you're freed from the old beliefs that held you back from experiencing your brilliance and divine presence of your Soul Light.
Get ready to embark on a journey of recalibration to joy and emergence of a new YOU.

RECEIVING… 21 Days of Grace-Filled Regenerating Remote Transmissions of Love & Healing Energies

 PLUS a Total of 7 LIVE Quantum Healing Sessions

LIVE Powerful Sacred Quantum Soul Light Healing Journeys

There will be a TOTAL of 7 LIVE Quantum Healing Sessions and journey's to realign and infuse you with Divine Unity, Quantum Love and Healing Energies.

Each of the 6 LIVE Sacred Quantum Soul Light Healing Journey Sessions are going to be filled with the most powerful healing processes and activations to illuminate, elevate, and empower you toward clearing and releasing all the old energies, while recalibrating to your true divine essence.

Here Mary will support you on even a deeper level in activating, generating and recalibrating you to the high vibrating symphony and power of divine unity, as your Soul Light embraces the nurturing essence of Divine Love, embracing new beginnings of your divine emergence.

You are about to embark on a journey like no other, welcoming in profound healing, wholeness, love, compassion and grace.

The 7th Session will be a 2-Hour Live INTERACTIVE Group Healing  Session with Q&A to interact directly with Mary.

During the live 2-hour session, you will have the opportunity to raise your hand and work personally with Mary.

Igniting you into the most expanded possibilities and potentialities for yourself, that your soul has planned for you.

This is YOUR time to activate and ignite YOUR power as true pure love energy, resonating and recalibrating in your pure soul essence.

Plus during our 21 days together you will be held in the frequencies and powerful remote transmissions and energies of love and wholeness.


21 Straights Days Of Remote Love Frequency Healing Transmissions 

There will be ongoing remote Energy Healings and Love being broadcast remotely, in-the-background, to support and guide you on your sacred journey, as you connect to your magnificent Soul Light.

You don't have to attend anything, to receive these energies, just go about your day and be open to receive.

During these 21 days, you will be bathed in healing energies and love frequencies through remote energy healings, being transmitted and broadcast, which expands and grows with the community consciousness.

For 21 DAYS you will receive deep, concentrated, grace-filled, focused intense LOVE AND HEALING ENERGIES… concentrated transmissions in the energies of manifestation, love and wholeness.

Your “being” will be attuned to the frequencies of Love and Healing.

Bathed in these higher vibrating energies that allow for true miracles in your life.

We all become a community of co-creators in these energies – all of us flowing and receiving this life force energy of love and all you have to do is open and receive and allow.

The more we say YES and choose to play and resonate, the more expanded the energy becomes for all of us.

These love and healing energies offer a buoyancy of support, helping you to maneuver through our time together, as you tap into your truest, most beautiful self, to experiencing greater ease, connection and access into your inner calm.

You won't be the same after these 21 days of love immersion frequencies and healing transmissions.

               As You Heal Through Love - You Are Empowered...

What You'll Receive...

"I am using my decades of skills and my remote healing transmission and gifts to see, embrace, intuitively guide, and profoundly support you in love and healing energies, as we recalibrate into Divine Love frequencies and emergence of your Soul Light powerfully supporting you in resetting and recalibrating into your Divine essence…"
~ Mary A Hall - Master Intuitive Coach & Healer
You now have the opportunity to  RESET and RECALIBRATE, releasing the past and emerging into a brand new you, empowered and alive in your Divine essence.

As we come together, we unleash the power of love and healing and the whole group benefits from this miraculous life-giving energy of love.

You'll receive a Total of 7 Live Sacred Quantum Healing Sessions specifically focused on tapping into the quantum multidimensional field of Divine Love enveloping your Soul Light essence and consciousness that powerfully.

Each of these Sacred Quantum Soul Light Healing Journeys, will be a combination of guided processes, healing energies and conversations which will equip you with divine access that you can utilize in your own life as you heal, release, cleanse and exponentially support you through these 21 days.

These are powerful Healing Processes to activate YOU, to elevate and recalibrate you deep within.

        Total of 7 LIVE Quantum Healing Sessions with...

6 Brand New, Sacred Quantum Soul-Light Healing Journeys

1st Sacred Quantum Healing Journey - Portal of Divine Love & Oneness

We first will build a sacred container and foundation to open to your sovereign right and innate dignity to receive the Divine and universal signal and vibrational imprint of love. 

This Divine love supports you in your very being and along with the grace and compassion, love provides a nurturing for your heart and soul as we LET LOVE IN.

Allow yourself to be bathed in your celestial luminescence, as you traverse the divine pathways of oneness, healing, nourishment, and rejuvenation at your core.

2nd Sacred Quantum Healing Journey - Your Radiant Dynamic Presence

Here you will be connecting to your sacred radiant essence, activating your innate power to transform.

As you embark on this transformative journey, where the healing rays of your Soul Light, guide you in rediscovering your miraculous, radiant self.

You will be deeply aligned to your truth, as you are awakened to your unique beacon of divine love and boundless potential. 

3rd Sacred Quantum Healing Journey - Harness Your Divine Connection

Prepare yourself for the grand cosmic embrace, where you meld seamlessly with the rhythmic pulse of Divine Love, held within the living matrix of Divine Source.

In this sacred confluence, experience the profound unity of being one with the pulsating heart of the Divine, harmoniously synchronizing your heartbeat with the divine cosmic rhythm.

Bask in the realization that you are a vital thread in the tapestry of existence, you are an integral part of the universe, intrinsically connected to the unfolding narrative of the universe.

4th Sacred Quantum Healing Journeys - Awaken Your Infinite Wisdom

Experience the transformative power of your innate wisdom that lies with you and carries all your answers.

As you delve deeper into the realms of your soul, cultivating at your core, your wisdom and connection to oneness, that your heart knows in your deepest truth.

Then during our time together, you'll begin to explore all the ways you can start neutralizing old beliefs and uncreate the energy that has held these beliefs in place within your nervous system.

5th Sacred Quantum Healing Journey - Embrace Your Divine Self Worth

Here you will embrace your newfound courage to be seen, to voice your truth, and to be an advocate for justice and love in a world thirsting for brave hearts willing to make a stand.. 

As you clear the resistance-makers in your life, a brand new clear slate appears

This process is so powerful because it helps you get even more clear about identifying those silent resistors creating your old comfort thermostat, and allows you to recreate a new powerful zone of genius in life. 

 6th Sacred Quantum Healing Journey  - Harness the Divine Within

This journey will be a homecoming, a return to Divine Love and Divine Source, a celebration of the divine within and all around. 

As you step forth with open heart, eager to hear the inspirations of wisdom from our Soul Light and spirit, where wonders, healing, and boundless unity with the Divine await you.

Miracles will unfold, when you're one in harmonious union with the Divine Source and infinite Love.

7th LIVE Interactive Session - The Power of Group Healing Energy  
This will be a live 2-Hour Interactive Group Healing Session 

Remember you will also be invited to join a 2-Hour Live Interactive Group Healing Session Call to support you on even a deeper level in activating, generating and receiving the high vibrating symphony and power of love.

This powerful group dynamic is where miracles and Ah-ha’s unfold.

As we come together in love and healing energies, in this large community of beautiful souls, open to RECEIVING… A magical quantum consciousness occurs.

This quantum consciousness is awakened when 2 or more are gathered...

**AND... 21 days of In-The-Background Remote Love Healing Frequency Transmissions**

Remember you will also be receiving... 21 full days of being bathed daily in these love and healing energy frequencies.

I can feel your system letting out a big fat AHHHHHHHHH at the thought.

So much so, that the process has already begun just by reading these words and allowing this profoundly supportive energy to embrace you right now.


Your Dates & Details

Total of 7 Quantum Healing Sessions

{All Pacific Time Zone}

Begins October 7th 2023 through October 28th 2023


6 Quantum Sacred Soul-Light Healing Journeys

1st Session: Saturday - October 7th - 1pm (PT) / 4pm (ET)
2nd Session: Tuesday - October  10th - *5pm (PT) / 8pm (ET)*
3rd Session:    Saturday -  October 14th  - 1pm (PT) / 4pm (ET)
4th Session:   Tuesday - October 17th - *5pm (PT) / 8pm (ET)*
5th Session:    Saturday -  October 21st   - 1pm  (PT) / 4pm (ET)
6th Session: Tuesday - October 24th - *5pm (PT) / 8pm (ET)*

7th Quantum Healing Session

Including a 2 - Hour Quantum Healing Group Session
7th Session:   Saturday  - October 28th - 1pm (PT) / 4pm (ET)

You'll Receive Access to Audio Downloads and Replays...

You will receive full access to all the audio replays and downloads of 
All LIVE Quantum Healing Session Recordings

This will allow you to access and re-listen to all 
7 Quantum Healing Sessions
with the 6 Sacred Quantum Soul-Light Healing Journeys 
which includes the 7th, 2-Hour Group Healing Session 
and you can relisten as often as you desired
* Connect and Heal on all Levels *
Your Sacred Soul-Light Healing Journeys
Including Healing Frequencies & 7 LIVE Quantum Healing Sessions
Your Value...
Actual Retail: $427
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Powerful Brand New Soul-Light Healing Journeys

Total of 7 Quantum Healing Sessions
6 Quantum Sacred Soul-Light Healing Journeys
Including 7th Session as 2-Hour Group Healing Session

 PLUS, 21 Days of Remote Transmissions of Abundance Love & Healing Energies

* Connect and Heal on all Levels *
  • 21-Days of abundance, love and healing energies transmitted and broadcasted daily directly to you (in the background, just register and receive)
  • 21-Days of love vibrational attunements and healing activations – energetically in the background
  • 7 – LIVE Quantum Healing Sessions; you’ll receive healing processes and expanding love energies and frequencies during each live call. Plus the group dynamics, continues expanding, as the broadcasting and receiving of healing and love energies
  • Healing Processes, with the potent sequential and cumulative effects of being in this field of abundance and love for 21 straight days
  • Soul-Light Guided processes and meditations, through activations and journeys
  • Powerful love activations and recalibrating to joy, igniting an inner flame of love possibilities
  • The potent sequential and cumulative effects of being in this field of love for 21 straight days
  • The quantum power of the community – expanding group dynamics
  • Receiving love, abundance and blessings as being a part of this 21-Day community
  • Receiving the powerful blessings of broadcasting love and abundance to yourself and the community 21-Days of love and healing energies transmitted and broadcasted daily directly to you (in the background, just register and receive)
Yes, I am ready to embark on my sacred soul light journey's...
[Plus a 10-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee]
Plus 2nd Option - Two Payment Plan  (Second payment in 30 days)

About Facilitator Mary A. Hall

Mary is one of the most powerful intuitive coaches. She not only leads in the field of abundance, wealth, money and success, she is also a renowned energy healer, assisting with physical and life challenges of all stripes and colors.

She has an uncanny knack for tapping into the level of flow, health and abundance and is able to then adjust the internal energies accordingly through coaching and energy work. Having worked with preeminent individuals; business leaders, health and wellness leaders, advertising and brand companies, doctors, financial advisors and more, she has proven over and over that there is always a point of access to shift one’s capacity for balance, harmony, abundance and health.

This is not just some philosophy or rote practice that Mary delivers, this is pure access. Mary helps individuals move the needle on their lives and open the floodgates of possibility. She creates a space of allowing for breakthrough changes in how one feels, looks at, and interacts with relationships, health, money, wealth and abundance, allowing in a new formed self love and acceptance. Get ready for your transformation.

Mary A. Hall is a powerful conduit of love energy and is about to take you on one of the most profound journeys of your life.

She has the unique ability to direct the energy of love and healing in powerful quantum waves. Frequencies that gently but deeply activate within you a template of consciousness that you can easily access and use.

Mary will move you to the next most potent level of your evolutionary journey of love.

She will bring you to a place of stillness, a state of grace, a place within where you connect with your truest selves and really believe it, embrace it and love it.

Mary will through vibrant healing and love energies, be transmitting and broadcasting these beautiful love and healing frequencies all day, every day for over 21 days.

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